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Words From A Misfit

By Courtney Kay

Hello Misfits!

  I want you to know this collection is for you because like you I have had times of feeling sadness, happiness, depression and love along with the millions of emotions in between. I understand that these feelings are hard and can be harder when you feel like no one is understanding who you are. This collection was written for you because I know that feeling. The body of work has no specific order. Yes, that’s right this work is for you read it any order you wish. My hope is you enjoy and know that I understand.

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  This is the 1st installment of the "Words From a Misfit" Series. It is a collection of 40 thought-provoking and inspiring poems. The poems showcase a different worldview of the everyday trials and tribulations people endure. This is the 1st publication from Misfit Publishing, LLC.

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