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Hope and Perseverance

It seems to me that hope and perseverance are in short supply. Why is it that people seem to think these things are separate? Thinking that just being hopeful will accomplish their goals or that simply pushing through life is equal to living life.

If I have learned anything in my life, a person must have both to succeed and be present in their life. I spent years pushing through trials and tribulations of life just trying to get through it.

In 2020, Covid made the world stand still. It’s strange but while the world was in chaos my world became quiet for the first time in my life. That silence forced me to look at my life. Truthfully, what I saw scared me more than the deadly virus plaguing the world. I saw that I had spent my life helping others reach their dreams, so much so that I had lost sight of my own. The worst part was having nothing to show for all my hard work except the accomplishments of others.

At that moment I decided I needed to start putting myself first in my life. I returned to school and finished my degree. It seemed my life was finally my own but I still didn’t feel present in it. As adults, we all have felt like we were only doing the things we are expected to do. I have always loved literature but making a living as a writer wasn’t the conventional thing to do.

Finally, in 2021 I decided to take my love of literature and create Misfit Publishing, LLC. This publishing company is designed to assist writers of color in the LGBTQIA + Community with editing and idea development. Traditional publishing has largely ignored this community and I believe literature should reflect the lives of everyone. Hope and Perseverance are the pillars of my life and company. You need both to be the best version of yourself.

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