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Being a Black Writer

This past weekend I was asked what it's like being a black writer? I didn't really know how to answer this question. Being a writer for anyone is difficult no matter the race or gender. However, what I personally feel isn't discussed enough is the other identifiers that make the experiences of the person different. I am a black female poet/writer that writes lesbian and bi-sexual romance. Unfortunately, this means having to work harder to get the work seen. Constantly trying to be heard or sell the value of the work only to be offered little to nothing.

This may not be the truth of all writers but it was definitely mine. I spent years sending my work to publishing companies. Realizing that the value of my work wasn't going to be seen by people haven't lived or experienced a life like mine. I want to create a space for the unique and those who feel they don't fit the mold traditional publishing seems to be stuck in.

Literature should reflect all of us and our lives.

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