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I've been writing poetry for 17yrs. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, in the southeast.

From an early age, writing was a way for me to express myself and communicate with others. During my high school years, I found my poetic voice. It was during this time that I started performing at Open Mic poetry nights hosted by my school. Poetry gave me a space to run away when life's trials were too much. It protected me, nurtured me, and let me know it was okay to be different. It accepted me for me, never asking me to change, and I fell in love. After years of people asking me to showcase my work, I finally decided to write a book to reach out to others who feel like me in hopes that they feel inspired to voice their opinion and know that others can relate and understand them. Time heals all things if you take the trials as lessons in life.

"Words From A Misfit" is the first publication from misfit publishing, LLC.....

what is misfit publishing, LLC?.....glad you asked!

It's a small publishing house for the misfits of the world, after submitting my manuscript to every publishing house in the country and not fitting in anywhere. I decided to self-publish, but I also wanted to provide a place for other writers to express themselves while showcasing their talents to the world.....

The Goal is world domination!!!! 

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